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The Chocolate FActory

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Passionate Craft

Liso is made from the finest Belgian chocolate. There is paramount care, expertise and dedication that goes into creating our coverture chocolate range.

From artfully melting and expertly tempering to carefully moulding and cooling the chocolate, each step forms part of a seamless process that in effect gives a resoundingly satisfactory answer to chocolate connoisseurs everywhere.

Líso makes smooth, exquisite chocolates that are world class in quality, taste & craftsmanship.

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Artisan Ingredients

At Liso, we use ingredients of the only the finest quality. Is it a wonder then that our chocolates speak for itself?

We want each of our chocolates to tell you a beautiful story. A story that revolves around the sheer passion and commitment and dedication we put into crafting cocoa.We want Liso to be your guide on an amazing sensory journey through the world of chocolate making.

Líso is made using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world

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Supreme Quality

Close your eyes for a moment and take in the essence of rich cocoa. Take in the smooth velvet of the chocolate - Its satiny sheen is so pristine you cannot help but reach out for it. Gently snap a piece of only the finest quality. Allow your tongue divulge in the enchantingly delicious secret that has its roots entwined all through history.

Equipped with the best machines in the world, great chocolates are crafted in limited quantities with our special touch.

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Smooth Textures

At Liso, we journey constantly to discover new tastes, textures and experiences. We live chocolate. We dream chocolate. When tasting our classic and signature collection of Neapolitans, truffles and confectionary, we want you to not just taste, but feel chocolate. For what is life, if not laced with chocolate and what is a good chocolate, if not smooth.

Líso in Spanish means smooth. Precisely our perfectly tempered chocolate.

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Precise Techniques

All Liso products are manufactured at their factory in Kolenchery, Kerala, India. In a well planned facility, Liso has the most advanced of all equipments for all of its products. The tempering and filling machine, truffle filler, panning machine and the neapolitan wrapping machine, to name a few. They have a team of experts handling the production lines.

Líso has the most advanced machinery and equally qualified expertise.

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Myriad Flavours

We did not find chocolate. Chocolate found us. Our passion for chocolate combines seamlessly with our passion for travel and we found ourselves on a chocolate quest around the globe to discover new and exciting possibilities. To this new found discovery, we added our own flavours and notes to create edible art that we call our own.

Equipped with the best machines in the world, great chocolates are crafted in limited quantities with our special touch.