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The Chocolate FActory

Step into the world of chocolate making at The Liso factory and find yourself in a world fertile with a unique charm all its own!

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All our products are manufactured from the best of raw materials with addition of only natural colours and flavours, devoid of any preservatives. We at Liso use only the freshest of ingredients that are quality tested every step of the way. We work with only coverture chocolate and not compound so as to ensure that every bite of our chocolate makes you feel pampered. Our trained personnel and expert chocolatiers along with an in house laboratory for all quality control enable us to provide our customers with nothing but the best in terms of melt in the mouth goodness.

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The Liso chocolate factory is a world of pure imagination indeed. And why wouldn’t it be? With a 25 year old legacy in the confectionary industry, our factory is a state of the art facility that manufactures chocolates, spreads and confectionary. Located in absolute pristine and calm, our factory sets itself apart right from the root of all its processes.

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We are mechanized; equipped with the latest imported machinery that complies with EU standards. Our modular equipment facilitates us to become more versatile in the manufacture of multiple products. Our products are made with such care that we can say while we are mechanized, we can also term ourselves as makers of handmade chocolates.

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