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The Master Chocolatiers of Líso

ChocolatierJacob Joy

About 5 years ago as part of expansion of our confectionery unit, I wanted to do a course in Germany on confectionery manufacturing. Incidentally the second half of the course was chocolate manufacturing. That was my first exposure to chocolate manufacturing and the world of chocolate. I love chocolate and the first thing that struck me while doing the course was that it is so easy to eat chocolate, but there is so much going on behind to actually make that small piece of chocolate bar that we eat. Few days into the course and I was hooked, I realised this is something I love to do”

Jacob Joy is affectionately known as the “Candy Man”. He is a third generation entrepreneur; he is Director of JJ Confectionary Pvt Ltd, a company engaged in the manufacturing of candies, éclairs and toffees. A passionate chocoholic with a Diploma in chocolate and confectionary manufacturing, he is also the managing Director of Jakes snacks and foods pvt ltd, a company he formed to introduce luxury chocolates in India.

Jacob Joy

Chocolate does not lie. No matter what you say you did, the moment you see a chocolate you know what you did wrong or if you did the right job”

- Jacob Joy

ChocolatierKishore George

I was a granite businessman before following my intuitions to make a career in chocolate making. I was running a very successful business – by any standards and because of certain ethical reasons I had to quit the business. Very often you chance upon things in life not because of any specific reason, but because of some hidden force somewhere or something in the back of your mind; you keep looking for it. I was going through a very difficult phase in my life when I went to Europe for 2 weeks on a pilgrimage. And it was then that it struck that I should do something that would have me working with on chocolate

Kishore George is an entrepreneur with a serious passion for chocolate. A global jetsetter, he has travelled the world for the past three years in a never ending quest for chocolate. Kishore has a wealth of training from Canada, Australia and Germany in bean to bar chocolate production, artisan and industrial manufacturing of chocolates.

Kishore George

As an entrepreneur, there is always a fire going inside you…looking for something that matches your value system”

- Kishore George